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Mumbaba Music Workshop

Mumbaba Singing workshops target Reception and Nursery Teachers and Playgroup Leaders who want to do a simple half hour music session with their pre-school children but don’t know how. Emphasis is given to the practical aspects of successfully making music with toddlers and pre-school children.

The ability to read music is not essential, a love of singing is. Over 500 pre-school workers have enjoyed and benefited from the Mumbaba Workshops since they started.

CDs of the songs that we sing at the workshop are for sale afterwards.

Book and we come to your establishment at a cost of £150 for a 2 hour session.

Book Mumbaba to come to inspire your infants to enjoy nursery rhymes for a lesser cost.

Contact Mumbaba to arrange a fee.

Blue baby wooden rattle isolated on a white background


A typical Mumbaba Workshop lasts about 2 hours.

colorful wooden toy maracas music percussion instrument for kid and children play on white background closeup view

The Agenda is as follows:

Learn how to set up a regular music session for you and your children to enjoy.

Learn how to set up a regular music session for you and your children to enjoy.

Learn the words, actions & tunes of 45 Nursery Rhymes.

Learn how to use simple musical instruments with your children.

Learn how regular music session can promote the physical, mental and social development of your children.


Mumbaba Music Workshops cost £150 plus travelling expenses per session for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 30 delegates. The workshop can be tailored to your needs by discussion with Christine Strode BEd, the Mumbaba Director.

We are happy to do a Workshop with parents as well as children. In each case the venue must be arranged and paid for by the organiser, we can provide refreshments as part of the session.