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‘We came to Mumbaba 16 years ago when our children were babies.  I’m still firm friends with the other mums I met at Mumbaba and our children are friends too. Mumbaba is such a brilliant place to meet like minded people. It certainly saved our sanity those years ago. We were all suffering from lack of sleep, and baby problems and to find that we weren’t alone, that there were other mums going through the same was almost life saving. Well done Mumbaba- keep up the good work!’
From two Emsworth mums last week.


I am a mum of one and work as a childminder so eager to attend nice and friendly groups not too far away, we attend the Mumbaba singing group every week. To say the group of three boys enjoy the session is an understatement the two older ones of the three get very excited when I say we are going to singing today they are always eager to put their coats on and get in the car and go pretty crazy with excitement they are all getting more and more confident with the songs and actions as each week passes!!! A good outing had by all every week, thank you. Laura x

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I came to Mumbaba with my little boy 8 years ago, I’m delighted to come back to it with my nephew and niece. It’s just as much fun as I remember and my babies love it! Brilliant that you are just as you always were and haven’t brought in loud CD music becos I think that hurts the baby’s ears. I’m looking forward to coming to Mumbaba for another couple of years. thanks Chris
From Lydia and Josh and Mable

Mumbaba is the perfect mix of learning, entertainment and socialising for my baby. Her face lights up at her favourite songs and the singing entrances her – and then at the end she takes herself off to play with toys and the other children. At 9 months old it’s a clear favourite and I’m sure will be for many years to come. She gets much more out of it than any other classes and activities we have tried – and we’ve tried a lot! Aimee.

Josh is doing so well at Mumbaba, I’m so pleased! He was never interested in music before we started coming to Chris’s group at Farncombe. We’ve been coming 3 weeks now and in that short time Josh has started to relax and watch and enjoy the sessions- he is even singing Old MacDonald in the car as we go along! A fantastic result, Thank you Chris
From Kate and Josh (11 months)

Pippy is only 8 weeks old but she loves Mumbaba! She sits so still on my lap as we all sing together,  you can tell she’s listening. And I feel just great being able to get out of the house and meet other mums. Jane and Pippy xx

Dear Chris, Just wanted to say Thank You for helping to show Charlotte the fun and learning we can get from singing. She’s been attending your Mumbaba for three years (since she was just  16 weeks old) and has made some wonderful friends and memories.
From Hannah and Charlotte

I'm a child minder and I've been coming to Mumbaba in Petersfield for years! It's part of our life now. I've got 2 little girls in my charge now and they've been coming with me since they were tiny babies. It's such good fun and such good value! Now they are two and a half and they know all the songs and actions. We play Mumbaba at home and they act it all out with their teddies and dolls all in a circle, Hours of fun! Many thanks for being there for us Mandi! Margaret and Millie and Georgie

I can't say enough about the value of your Hop Little Rabbits CD Chris! Every time we go in the car we play it and Oscar sings along, happy as Larry- and it doesn't seem to matter how far we go either. It's a godsend! I tell all my friends and when they've bought it they say the same! It's a MAGIC CD! Many thanks Cathy and Oscar

Hi. We were given a Hop Little Rabbits CD when Charlie was born. What a great gift! We put it on in the car when he starts to grizzle and he instantly stops being fed up and starts smiling. From a few weeks old he has loved the Mumbaba voice and the traditional songs! It's a brilliant CD and I recommend it to all my friends! Thanks Mumbaba from Mary and Charlie