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Attending Mumbaba regularly, will boost your child’s ability to learn. Success at learning Mumbaba’s songs will positively encourage your children to try to learn more. Repetition cements the songs and actions in their heads. Their social skills develop as they join in with the other children in the group.
Pre-booking Mumbaba Sessions.
Please state which group by
or texting Chris on 07941197033

FREE  GIFT from your Mumbaba Leader for you when you Pre- book Five Mumbaba sessions using PayPal During 2017. Please give us at least  24 hours notice.  We will reply to your requests asap.

SAVE CASH! Pay for a single session with Paypal For £4 or £4.50 (depending on which group)
5 sessions for £20 using Paypal

Save queuing up and Save your cash by pre-booking any of these Mumbaba sessions. Please specify which group you are booking for after you have paid, on   Thanks

The Mumbaba office will be notified instantly by PayPal and email a receipt
Your Mumbaba leader  will give you a Gift of your choice when you next see her.

You can use your 5 pre-booked sessions any time within 3 months of purchase.

You will still get you reward stickers and free gift after 10 sessions.

Pre-Book any of these Mumbaba  sessions as below

  • At Petersfield Mumbaba with Hester on Tuesdays at 11am (single session£4)
  • at Emsworth Mumbaba with Hester in Emsworth Sports and Social Club at 43 Havant Road, PO10 7JF (BIG FREE CAR PARK) Wednesdays at 10am  (single session£4.50)
  • at Drayton Mumbaba with Hester at 9.30 Fridays in Drayton United Church hall, Station Road.  (single session£4)
  • Jo Haussman’s Mumbaba group at Chichester on Thursdays at 9.30  (single session£4.50)
  • You and you babies can still turn up and pop in at these groups for a sing-along session with free refreshments.
  • Please specify which group you want to Pre-book when you Checkout  simply email us at and we will email a receipt and be ready to welcome you at the Mumbaba group of your choice. Please give us at least 24 hours to process your order.


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