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Free Post Natal Groups

Please invite us to sing with you at your Post Natal Group.

This is a free service for post natal groups.
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We are natural voice practitioners and rely on the beauty of traditional nursery rhymes tunes to entertain parents and babies.

We want to encourage new mums to sing with their babies.

Singing with your baby is a relaxing multi sensory experience for families to enjoy.

Dads who don't know 'what to do' with their babies find that singing nursery rhymes with them gets a brilliant response.

Mumbaba is the place to meet other parents and after the singing we have time for chat as the babies play with the Mumbaba toys.

Mumbaba promotes traditional nursery rhymes because we have found that even very young babies respond to these tunes.

Mumbaba is keen to sing for babies at post natal groups.

We aim to give parents a good repertoire of songs to 'do' with their baby.

Mumbaba welcomes new mums and dads who need somewhere to go with their new baby.

We will turn up and organise a half hour sing-along session that everyone enjoys, and then give out fliers with a £! Off voucher.

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This is a free service for Post Natal groups.