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CDs for Sale

  • 5624_232312iHop Little Rabbits CD1 & Book Set
  • Thirty Eight Favourite Traditional English Nursery Rhymes for babies and their families to sing along to.
  • £9.99  free postage for the UK
    E15 plus p&p Europe
  • Hop Little Rabbits CD 1 is loved by babies and small children all over the world.
  • It is a unique recording!
  • Sung solo so that you can easily hear all the words and the tunes and all join in.
  • Babies from an early age and toddlers are enchanted and soothed by the sound of these traditional tunes and rhymes.
  • This CD has helped to develop children’s speech we’re told. In a relaxed and fun way, Hop Little Rabbits Traditional Nursery Rhymes  deliberately repeat essential phonics that are the crucial stepping stones of children’s future speech, reading and writing.
  • Get peace in the car! Hop Little Rabbits is perfect for keeping babies and toddlers entertained and calm on long car journeys.
  • Get some family harmony as brothers and sisters love to use this  CD to ”do” music with their baby.
  • Hundreds already sold to families with deaf children or with hearing impairment because they can hear all the words as there is no background music.
  • English as a second language;  this CD is already used by language teachers around the world The clear recording and repetition on this Hop Little Rabbits CD is excellent  for children learning
  • Fully illustrated booklet to help you join in all the actions to the songs.
  • £9.99 with free postage for the UK

What people say…

‘ I bought this Hop Little Rabbits CD last month. Isabel, my 11 month old grad-daughter adores it! When we get in the car  I just put it on and she sits and listens to it entranced! It’s magic! No more wailing in the car! Journeys are so much better now, and I like to join in too! Thank you!’
From a Gran at Petersfield recently.

Jane dashed into Mumbaba and demanded a Hop Little Rabbits Cd! ‘It’s the only thing that kept my little nephew quiet all weekend’ she said. ‘He’s quite a cry baby! We were at our wits end when my little girl Sophie, asked for her ‘Hop Little Rabbits’ CD to be put on. And as soon as my nephew heard it he stopped crying! Amazing! Simply amazing! Peace at last!’

Car journeys with Baby Ben were such hard work. He just hated them and screamed, struggled and cried all the time! Ben’s mum, Martie says ”We got so that we thought twice about going anywhere because of all the fuss. Ben and his mummy,  go to Mumbaba every week and they got the Hop Little Rabbits Cd there. She says ”It’s been like magic! We put it on  and Baby Ben loves it! We now put it on before getting Ben (now 6 months) into the car and he’s so busy listening to the songs that he doesn’t make any fuss at all! Brilliant! The songs are sung so simply,  and the girl on it has such a sweet voice I think it relaxes us all. Peace reigns in the car now. We are Mumbaba fans and give a copy of this CD to all our friends who have babies.” Steve, Martie and Ben

”I’m not at all musical, I am amazed at how much my son Joe loves this recording of ”Hop Little Rabbits”. He sits by the CD Player and does all the actions! When we’re in the car, he insists that we play it wherever we go! We have no trouble with whingeing as long as the Cd is playing. It’s marvellous! I can”t thank you enough!”
From Jane and Joe.

”I am teaching English to African children in Uganda. ‘Hop Little Rabbits’ is a perfect teaching aid as it’s very clear and full of repetition which helps my little ones with their vowel sounds and syntax. It”s great fun too!”
from Bernice.

”I bought the Hop Little Rabbits CD for my grandchild, and she won’t get into the car for any journey unless Chris is singing nursery rhymes to her on the CD! Amazing, because they have never met! Chris’s voice soothes every journey! Money well spent!”


5624_461915iHop Little Rabbits CD2 & Book Set

Thirty Five Favourite Traditional English Nursery Rhymes
For toddlers and their families to sing along to.

£9.99  free postage for the UK

E15 plus p&p Europe

  • Twenty five fresh rhymes amongst ten familiar rhymes from CD 1 to hold the ​ interest of young children.
  • Hop Little Rabbits CD 1 is loved by babies and small children all over the world.
  • A unique recording!
  • Sung solo so that you can easily hear all the words and the tunes and join in.
  • More counting and memory songs to help develop children’s ability to count in sequence forwards and backwards.
  • Important easy tunes for learning the alphabet  and the months of the year.
  • Action songs to encourage the development of manual dexterity, gross motor and fine motor skills.
  • Successfully being used by language teachers all over the world, this clear recording of Traditional English Rhymes is excellent for children learning English as a second language.
  • Great fun for older siblings to ”do” music with their toddler.
  • Fully illustrated book to show all the actions.
  • Enjoyed by children with hearing problems because it is such a clear recording.
  • £9.99 with free postage for the UK

What people say…

”Charlie hated getting in the car. He”d scream, and shout like crazy! A friend gave me the ”Hop Little Rabbits”  CD, I put it on in the car then put Charlie in. He was so entertained by the singing on the CD that he got in as calm as you like, and was as good as gold. Yahoo! A transformation! Now the nightmare has gone out of  car journeys! Thanks Mumbaba you have ”saved my life” by producing such an asset.”
From Francis and Charlie.

”My daughter loved ”Hop Little Rabbits” CD1, and now she is toddling she loves the dancing and counting songs on CD2. She is so much more confident at singing and counting than her friends that I”m sure it’s because she listens to this CD so often. Brilliant! “
from Harriet and Sancia.

Joey was such a shy little boy, we worried about how he would get oin at school. I took him along to Mumbaba every week and he gradually got more confident. I bought the Hop Little Rabbits CD and played it to Joey in the car and he loved it. At  the next Mumbaba sessions he was really starting to be more confident- he told Chris the tractor colour he wanted, and even left my side to tell her which animal for Old MacDonald’s farm. I think  Mumbaba and the CD have really helped boost Joey’s  confidence and recommend them to all my friends.  Thanks Chris
Joey and his mum Kathy