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Why I Love Being A Mumbaba Leader

The Mumbaba set-up is so successful because Chris has so much experience, having run the groups from scratch for so many years.  She has perfected the methods and song patterns that work with the singing, and besides having fun, I thrive on the thought that we are doing much to assist sound development of early years skills, including memory, attention and concentration.

We love to see mums arrive with their tiny babies who are so attentive and mesmerized by the singing, knowing that as they keep coming and singing with their babies, it won’t be long before they start to make their attempts at joining in with the actions.

Parents are really complimentary about Mumbaba and how it encourages their children to enjoy music and singing.  When we get the toys out at the end, the children are also learning how to join in and socialise with other children.  For the parents the after-singing chat and coffee is a chance to see their friends, make new friends and for some may be the only adult contact they have from week to week (with the added bonus of having a hot drink made for them!  And  biscuits!).

Mumbaba is promoted by the Health Professionals in the area.  I know some of them through my own children and the NCT.  My good relationship with them means that they refer new mums and new-to-the-area mums to my group.


As leaders, we are encouraged to go and do ‘Mini-Mumbaba’ post-natal sessions with Chris’s support if required, so that we can encourage new mums to our groups.  This is a great way of advertising your group and in my experience always reaps rewards.

Running your first session is, of course, rather daunting.  However, you are trained beforehand and there is lots of support before, during and after.  My first session was the fastest 30 minutes of my life and although I was nervous, it was fantastic!  The mums and babies had a great time and couldn’t wait for the next session.  I started with one group of 26 and soon had to split my morning into 2 groups to accommodate the demand.  As I said at the beginning, the rest is history!

Mumbaba Franchise


Designed by a teacher, being a Mumbaba Leader is a wonderful job. If you love to sing and enjoy performing with large groups of people for very good money this is the job for you. It is a Proven Business that has been established for 30 years. All the Mumbaba Leaders in our team love their job because it is so sociable and such fun; it requires so few props, is so well paid and such short hours in term time.

When you sing for Mumbaba you can earn from £7 to£50 an hour depending on how successful you are at promoting your group.

You choose to do as many classes as you want to in term time.  Mumbaba Leaders can choose to do one group every day and gets a good wage from 8 hours work.

Full training and kit are supplied. A generous pack of posters and fliers are designed and printed for you to start with and are easy to order subsequently at a minimal cost. User friendly help and backup are available 24/7 at our Mumbaba office.

Vacancies exist locally for a September start. £200  for the start up kit  and training.  A bigger fee is involved if you want to take over the Directorship. Contact Chris on 07941197033.

What you need to join our Mumbaba team

You need to love babies, toddlers and their parents and be at ease with them.

You need to have to be able to sing traditional English nursery rhymes in tune, in front of a group.

You need to be able to follow the Mumbaba handbook and song structure.

You need to be enthusiastic, honest, reliable, fit enough to move tables & chairs to set up your venue, and have the use of a car.

You need to have enough free time to run your Mumbaba group while your children are at school/with someone else.

You need to have a current CRB certificate.

What are you waiting for?

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Mumbaba Franchise Agreement has been set up by solicitors following the British Franchise Association ethos.

We are not yet members of the British Franchise Association because we are too small.

(We have a strict policy of not allowing our Mumbaba leaders to take their own children to their groups)