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Children playing with musical toys. Isolated on white background

18 Nov Hop Little Rabbits goes to Rwanda

Recently we have been delighted by request from Christian organisations for Hop Little Rabbits recordings for children in Africa. One request was from a Dorking gran who had a tape of Hop Little Rabbits and had found it very useful for teaching English in the orphanage she was working in while doing VSO Rwanda. When we heard of her plans we donated lots of tapes for her to take with her. She tells me that the children love it because of the clarity of the recording which means that they can hear every word.
Another gran got in touch with us for some tapes for her daughter who runs a centre for abandoned babies in Johannesburg.¬† She has also told us how ”her”¬†children love it.
We are very pleased to be able to help such worthwhile projects.

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