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  • Live Melodic Music!
  • Affordable Family Fun! One Price per Family
  • Well organised, Sing-along Traditional Songs!
  • Mumbaba is a Fun, Multi-Sensory Session for Babies and Pre-school Children and their Families
  • Mumbaba encourages your children to be confident joining in with our fun singalong.
  • We always make time for Free Coffee, Play and Chat.
  • No charge for Siblings.
  • Successfully Singing with Babies since 1988
  • Turn up and join in the fun!
  • No need to book a place.

We encourage children to listen, watch and join in our sing-along songs. We are proud to say that over the last 30 years a high percentage of our little customers have grown up to excel at music.

To the many thousands of mums, dads and grandparents that I have sung with since I started in 1988, I  have enjoyed every minute of singing with you and your babies and toddlers. I’m delighted that Hester is taking over from me. Hester has been an Early Years Teacher for 25 years and is enthusiastically looking forward to meeting you all, with your babies and toddlers, in September. We hope you have a splendid summer.
X Chris Strode B.Ed and Hester
There will always be space for you and your friends and their  babies at Mumbaba,
so do turn up and join in!
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About Us

Mumbaba leaders are very talented and caring mums who are passionate about helping you to sing with your baby and toddler.

Find that quality family time you have been looking for at  Mumbaba. Start your baby’s sound education here.   An experience enjoyed by thousands of mummies, daddies and babies since 1988.

Mumbaba is a perfect group for new mums and families. It’s about half and hour of sing-along songs, dancing, clapping and action songs that everyone can enjoy. Then we make time for a relaxed break with free coffee, biscuits, chat and play. Fun for all the family!

Songs are changed every session to help match both the mood and age of the children present. We have been successfully singing with babies and toddlers for over 25 years and we know which songs enchant children and encourage them to listen and join in. Even cry babies and run around children stop and pay attention!

Our Traditional nursery rhymes help to develop children’s listening and speech. Teachers tell us that ‘The repetition of rhymes is essential to establish and reinforce the basics of language in children’s minds.’

Singing with your children helps build a positive relationship. Singing with baby at home with siblings is a jolly, positive , easy activity to help family bonding. Your baby or toddler will develop their social skills from joining in our Mumbaba sessions.

An important part of a child’s linguistic development is learning nursery rhymes. Teachers tell us that ‘Research has shown that children who know their nursery rhymes find learning to read and write much easier, and children who don’t know them, can struggle’.

Our sessions are structured to give children time to sit and watch other children until they are ready to have a go too. Being able to perform nursery rhymes is a positive learning experience which also helps build confidence ready for preschool.

Funny children girl and boy playing with musical toy. Isolated on white background
smiling child boy and mom playing with musical toy
baby playing xylophone isolated on white
Mother and baby girl having fun with musical toy. Isolated on white background


Traditional Songs

Singing traditional songs with your little one is a  relaxed, multi sensory learning experience for your child and it can be done anywhere, anytime, at no cost!


After a Mumbaba sing-along session all the parents and children feel happy and relaxed and ready to chat and be friendly.

Self – Confidence

Singing Mumbaba nursery rhymes with your young baby helps their development and their self confidence ready for pre-school.


Singing Traditional Nursery Rhymes with your baby helps them learn patterns of speech. The regular beat of the rhymes helps develop a sense of numbers and patterns which forms a good basis for understanding maths.

Positive Experience

Your baby will learn how to sit still and follow instructions at Mumbaba through our fun sing-along. This is a very positive experience. Your baby will be learning these important life skills whilst having fun.


We all have such fun singing. This gives them a positive learning experience which makes them confident to become successful learners.



Pay on the day. Booking a space isn’t necessary.

£3.80 – £4.50
or pay just £4 a session when you
prepay £20 for any 5 sessions

per family. (Siblings free)

(Entry price dependant on hall costs)

We will also be having FREE refreshments.

Get £1 off your first session by emailing ‘ fun@mumbaba.com

Get a free gift with your full Mumbaba Rewards Card!

Two little children - cute curly toddler girl and a funny baby boy, brother and sister playing music, having fun with colorful xylophone at a window; kids early development class